Rules and regulation

  • All the students should be wear the uniform neatly in the college campus
    Students are not allowed to use mobile phones and laptop in the college campus
  • Regular attendance of the students is compulsory. Any one student not attended in class less than 80% causes not to allow the board exam by the DOTE
  • The student should not be absent without producing proper leave letter duly signed by the parent and the class incharge.
  • The end semester examination will be conducted by the DOTE for 75 marks and the remaining 25 marks will be given by the college through continuous internal assessment by the conducting cycle tests and seminars in the college then and there.
  • It is a regular feature in our college to conduct cycle tests covering various units of the each subject during each semester.
  • The purpose of the cycle test is to make the students keep abreast of the day to day classes and prepare them well for the board examination.
  • The cycle test profile should be returned to the class incharge after getting the signature of the parent.
  • Slow learners are identified and they should attend coaching and remedial classes specially arranged for them.
  • Silence should be strictly observed in the college bus
  • Students are strictly prohibited smoking and chasing tobacco in the college campus.